SCM system for a supplier of engineering plastics to manage growing global sales.

A full Supply Chain Management system from Infinity was implemented by a supplier of engineering plastics to manage its growing global sales.

Business Issue

The order system and stock management in an engineering plastics company’s factories in Japan and China were managed using an Excel spreadsheet. With the growth of the business and sales this method of processing orders was becoming increasingly complicated and time consuming.

When scoping its system requirements the supplier determined it was essential for the business that the system covered their consignment stocks. They had initially been thinking about installing SAP, but this central feature turned out to be lacking in the standard SAP system. A module for managing consignment stocks would need to be developed and added to the SAP system separately. This customisation of SAP would increase the implementation costs considerably, so they needed another more cost friendly solution.

Solution Summary

Infinity Technology’s customised SCM solution provided all the essential system specifications, SCM functions and bespoke features the company required at a competitive cost.

By providing real-time web based information Infinity’s SCM system allows staff in their head office in Germany full visibility of the entire sales and delivery process. The SCM system enables head office staff to centrally manage all functions across all locations. This gives them a real-time view of inbound and outbound shipments from all ten warehouses across Europe, including both stock in transport and goods held in bonded warehouses. To prevent the surplus or shortage of stocks in a complicated logistics environment, the SCM system makes automatic stock calculations. This delivers up-to date and more accurate stock information based on calculations that add the already planned, but not yet delivered products to the stocks.